Medernach, Jakob, & Memmert (2020): The System Board: An Effective Training Tool in Indoor Bouldering?

Oral Presentation at the 25th ECSS Anniversary Congress 2020 in Sevilla (SPA). 

Key words: bouldering; system wall; small-sized bouldering wall; strength; local endurance.


J. Medernach, H. Kleinöder, & H. Lötzerich (2015): Vibration Training in Indoor Bouldering: Effects on Strength and Endurance.

E-poster at the 20th annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science.

Key words: vibration stimuli; indoor bouldering; strength; local endurance.


J. Medernach (2015): Ausdauer im Wettkampf-Bouldern: Conditio sine qua non oder nonsense?

E-Poster of the N.C.C.

Key words: local endurance; competitive bouldering; interval bouldering.


Medernach (2014): Effect of Moonboard Training on Grip Strength in Bouldering.

E-poster of the N.C.C.

Key words: moonboard; strength, bouldering.